Short Plays

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Sports Centered - 2 men     15 minutes

Mad libs meets male bonding in this test of sports trivia and the not so trivial consequences when one super fan’s expensive television reception system causes him to miss the local sports team game last night.

The Opposite of Moths - 1 man, 1 woman

10 minutes

A mysterious blackout in the library helps a man who is missing his guardian angel meet a timid but helpful librarian with luminous secrets of her own.

The Death Card - 1 man, 1 women

20 minutes 

After a bad tarot reading, Sarah drags her brother, who seems to be sick with the stomach flu, to a funeral home. There, while locked in the bathroom, the two siblings fight over life, death and the better of the two.

For Change - 2 men

15 minutes

An absurdist political satire where two homeless men are pitted against each other outside of an unvisited polling place on election day, each barking for the candidate who paid them to distribute their fliers.