Living in Skin


    ALEX and CALLIE are in his basement, in the midst of a heated    

    argument. Callie is dressed as some sort of sext tiger.

ALEX And why you’re dressed like-

CALLIE What do you care?

ALEX Why’re you here?

CALLIE ... What’re you doing?

ALEX Nothing. Video games, why?

CALLIE You bored?

ALEX It’s Friday night and I’m playing video games again, what do you think?

CALLIE Mind drifting. Thinking about hot little brunettes in sexy little tiger costumes?

ALEX Callie.

CALLIE That’s why I’m here.

ALEX What’re you talking about?

CALLIE The costume party, dumbass.

ALEX I’m not going to the-

CALLIE Why not?

ALEX Because it’s a couples thing, you have to bring a date.

CALLIE And what am I?

ALEX A girlfriend. You have to bring a girlfriend.

CALLIE I made this costume for it and everything.

ALEX What are you anyway?

CALLIE Hobbes. You’re gonna go as Calvin. It’ll be great.

ALEX Hobbes doesn’t look like that.

CALLIE I’m sexy-Hobbes.

ALEX Hobbes wasn’t sexy.

CALLIE So what? It’s an excuse to look slutty. It’s fun, would you-

ALEX So I’m gonna -what- put on a striped shirt? Everyone’ll just stare at me and ask what the hell I am.

CALLIE Maybe by yourself, but that’s why it’s so brilliant to go together. If anyone bugs you, I can maul them. I am a tiger, after all.

ALEX Right.


ALEX ...

CALLIE Can’t we just have fun for once, play?

ALEX ...

CALLIE Can’t we?

ALEX I wasn’t even invited. I only heard about it cause Jake was.

CALLIE Well crashing is half the fun.

ALEX Think how dumb I’d look, crashing it- With you.

CALLIE Look. I didn’t even want to come over tonight.

ALEX Yeah?

CALLIE I came over because you wanted me to.

ALEX Yeah, I really sound like I want you here, right? It really sounds like that, doesn’t it?

CALLIE Sounds like you wanna fight.

ALEX Yeah, that’s it.

CALLIE Maybe... You do wanna fight.

ALEX Whatever.

    Callie begins to move towards him, seducing him as she does. Once she

    reaches him, she begins to caress and kiss him tenderly.

CALLIE To tell me off and tell me I had no right to treat you like that. And I didn’t, you’re right.

ALEX Knock it-

CALLIE But can you blame me for being jealous?

ALEX You. Were...

CALLIE Alex. She’s beautiful. I get it. She’s... I was jealous. I thought you wanted her more than you wanted me. And I... I freaked out a little, I guess.

ALEX You were really, um. Jealous?

CALLIE Well, duh.

ALEX I didn’t think you. Got jealous.

CALLIE And now this. Separation. It’s not fair. I mean, this is the longest time we’ve ever spent apart in years. Honestly, years. Isn’t it? And I’ve. Really. Really. Missed you.



ALEX [Missed you too] You know.

CALLIE Can’t you say it?

ALEX I have. [Missed you.]

CALLIE Come on.

ALEX I’ve missed you too.

    Callie slides her hand down Alex’s pants, as a reward to him. Alex            

    stops her.

ALEX You don’t have to do that.

CALLIE I want to.


CALLIE Yeah, I want to. I like it.

ALEX You. Shouldn’t. Want.

CALLIE Shh. Stop thinking about it and... Enjoy it.

   Callie slides her hand down his pants again. She begins to slowly jerk    

    him off. He lets her for a moment, but then-

ALEX It’s just too weird, okay? You wanting. I can’t not think about it.

CALLIE Just... Okay. Just sit here.

    He follows her directions.

CALLIE Just sit and. Play your game, okay?

    She hands him the controller. He looks at her, then begins to play.

CALLIE See? We’re. Hanging out. Just like you wanted. I’m not. Making you. Do anything. You’re just playing your game.

    She slowly undoes his pants. He does not resist this time.

CALLIE And I’m playing mine.

    She starts to jerk him off again.

CALLIE You enjoying that?

    He doesn’t respond, just smiles and lets himself relax into it a little


CALLIE Good. I want you to enjoy this. Every minute of this.

    He continues to play the game as she goes down on him. He relaxes and        

    is completely enjoying himself.

    Suddenly and silently, MOM  comes downstairs. Neither Alex or Callie        


MOM Alex, I need some-

    Mom sees what is happening.

MOM Alex.

Alex and Callie separate. Alex looks sheepish and ashamed. Callie seems to

have no reaction at all. She suddenly seems to hardly be there.

ALEX Mom, Christ I-

MOM Oh. God.

    Mom exits quickly.

CALLIE Looks like I better-

ALEX You think?

CALLIE Warden never did like me, so..

MOM (calling from the top of the stairs) Alex?

ALEX Would you just go?

CALLIE See you around, Calvin.

ALEX I doubt that’ll happen for awhile.

MOM (still calling from stairs) Alex, I’m coming down, we need to talk.

CALLIE I don’t know, more exciting this way, isn’t it?

MOM (still calling from stairs) Are you decent?

ALEX Please.


    Callie exits through the half-window.