The Opposite of Moths


Inspired by the poetry of Charles Simic, this play was originally selected for Philadelphia Dramatists Center’s Primary Stages reading series. It went on to premiere at the 2008 Philadelphia Fringe Festival as a collection of short plays produced by PDC. (also featuring work by Greg Romero, Robin Rogeguez and Sam Toll) The event was titled 4 x 4 and featured plays all taking place in a four foot by four foot space.  It was directed by Natalie Deiner and starred Ryan Capps and Sarah Robinson.

    JEROME breathes loudly. The breaths are slow and steady, an attempt to calm   


    It is not working.

    After a moment, URIM enters silently. Their dance is a flittering but        

    cautious one, like a bird approaching a piece of fallen grain or a leaf

    fluttering to the ground in a soft breeze.

URIM This must be the darkest corner of heaven.


URIM Sorry. Oh. Sorry. I didn’t-

JEROME You could give someone a heart attack. Or worse. Sneaking up on them like that.

URIM I didn’t know there was anyone back here.

JEROME Just me.

URIM Yes, I- Sorry. I came looking to see if anyone was lost in the back stacks.

JEROME Without a flashlight?

URIM I’ve got this place memorized... It wasn’t a very good plan.

JEROME No. It wasn’t.

URIM Still, here I am.




URIM I can lead you out now. To join the rest.

JEROME The rest?

URIM Of us.


I’ll stay.

Thanks, but I think I’ll stay.

URIM You’re not-


URIM It’s silly, but it sounds like you’re. Afraid of me.

JEROME A stranger finds me in the pitch black; I don’t like it.

URIM Did you see the desk girl when you came in? The one who naps on days like this?

JEROME I don’t know you.

   Urim takes Jerome’s hand.

JEROME That’s. You?

URIM I hope so.

JEROME How did you...

URIM I’ve always had this sense about the dark. I can just tell where things are.

JEROME You’re very lucky.

URIM I never thought about it like that.

Your hand is-


URIM It felt nice.

JEROME I thought you were going to say sweaty.

URIM They’re nice.

JEROME Oh. Yours were, um, too.